FlexiPrint by Mimeos 

Do you want to have total control over your printer fleet in order to optimise your expenses, business performance and productivity of your personnel and printing technologies? We have the solution for you!
An all-in service of outsourced, proactive, controlled and economical management of your printer fleet, freeing you from administrative constraints.

Four areas that are 100% adapted to your specific business needs

FlexiPrint Hardware
Optimise your printer fleet
  • Manage your current equipment
  • Implement optimal technologies for your business
  • Our multi-brand approach meets all your specific needs
  • A custom-made printer fleet
A la carte services
  • Audit of your current fleet
  • Delivery, installation and configuration by our specialised technicians
  • User training
  • Our call centre is ready to help
  • On-site maintenance and repairs by our team of certified technicians
FlexiPrint Services
FlexiPrint Production
Maximum availability of your fleet on a daily basis
  • Your printing infrastructure is monitored in real time by our team of experts who act before you even think of calling about a breakdown.
  • Automatic and proactive re-stocking of your consumables.
  • Replacement of spare parts by one of our certified technicians.
  • Your counter readings are automatically transmitted.
  • No volume obligation: you only pay for what you have actually used.
Custom-made solutions to boost your productivity
  • IT & business print intelligence
  • Mobile printing
  • Securing the printer fleet
  • Implementing and managing printing policies
  • Scanning & document management
FlexiPrint Business Software

Advantages of FlexiPrint for your organisation

Your simplified printing environment

FlexiPrint helps you operate your equipment more efficiently and reduces overhead. Mimeos takes care of it all: re-stocking consumables, technical maintenance and servicing, counter readings, reports, collection and recycling of consumables and devices at the end of life, all with a single consolidated invoice at set intervals to manage your entire printer fleet.

Improved cost control

FlexiPrint is an all-in solution that integrates the overall cost of your printing system, ensuring total transparency on your printing, copying and digitising expenses. There are no hidden fees.

Moreover, our range of software solutions can help you cut down on your printing and reduce your costs by 30%!

Enhanced productivity and efficiency

Thanks to our proactive monitoring service, you won’t need to spend time ordering consumables or calling a technician when there is a breakdown because our dedicated team is alerted even before you when a problem occurs. With FlexiPrint, Mimeos takes care of everything, so you and your employees can concentrate on your core business.

Also find out more about our business software solutions, which will save you time and facilitate daily tasks with your printing systems.


Maximum data security

We know the importance of preserving the confidentiality of your data. Mimeos goes even further by ensuring that everything you print, scan or copy is protected, which is done using various tools, from automatic hard drive wipes to advanced secure printing solutions.

Total flexibility

The FlexiPrint service is totally adaptable depending on the evolution of your business, enabling you to incorporate new technologies into your integrated infrastructure, among others. Our financing solutions give you the possibility of spreading out costs as a function of the lifespan and/or use of your equipment. FlexiPrint doesn’t impose a minimum number of prints, so you only pay for what you actually used.

Your smaller environmental footprint

Mimeos is ISO 14001 certified and helps you drastically reduce the environmental impact of your print environment thanks to FlexiPrint, including a consumable recycling circuit and the implementation of printing policies within your organisation.